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Financial accounting has an overall impact on the daily operations of a business entity.  The department must insure the accuracy and timeliness of processing documents related to: Financial reports, Cash management, Investment reporting, and governmental changes.  It is the responsibility of the Financial Manager to communicate to the Board of Directors a clear and concise monthly financial report on the operations of the entity. It is our intent to provide the expertise in the area of financial management through improving the efficiencies of the standard operating procedures, increase accountability, support grant compliance, and uphold policies set by the board and the States.  Our team can provide support as follows:

  • Establish accounting systems
  • Learn how finances impact strategic planning
  • Learn about budget development and forecasting
  • Understand why transparency reporting is essential to boards and outside sources
  • Annual financial and governmental reporting analysis
  • Risk management
  • Get an overview on accounting and financial reporting
  • Know how to obtain information on your state and local government accounting requirements
  • Fundraising (where applicable)
  • Application for grants and loans
  • Learn why it is necessary to have Standard Operating Procedures
  • Learn what Boards need to know about the monthly finances
  • Preparing for your audit (Learn about selecting your auditor)
  • Learn how to train your staff to be fiscally responsible
  • Learn how to create your financial calendar