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The days of children who only attend schools in their neighborhood are long gone. Parents today have become discriminating consumers willing to travel outside of their neighborhoods to shop for the best and brightest choices for their children. Through trial and error, Elite has developed proven strategies designed to help you maximize your marketing budget to attract a diverse group of students. Let our team of trained marketing representatives help you to develop a multi-media marketing campaign that will help you retain the students you have as well as build a data base for more! Staff members will learn:
  • The difference between a marketing campaign and a branding campaign
  • How to take advantage of free media
  • How to create a marketing budget
  • How to use community surveys for marketing
  • How to market your niche
  • Know your competition
  • How to increase parent involvement (word of mouth)
  • How to develop a marketing timeline
  • How to create a SWOT analysis
  • How to use in-kind service providers for marketing
  • All hands on deck (using staff members to help market)
  • It takes a village (using community ties to help market)
  • Build a press kit
  • Track your data