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Customer Service

At Elite School Management we understand that internal and external customer service is more important now than ever before. With the cap removed on the number of public school academies that can operate in Michigan, savvy schools must learn to incorporate customer service into their school improvement plans. Our customer service trainers have worked with the Michigan Department of Education to develop customer service professional developments for public school employees. Our team will be happy to assist your academy with your customer service needs.

Participants will learn the following:
  • Why customer service is important
  • How to use enrollment data to make CS predictions
  • Definition of internal/external customer service
  • How to conduct a customer service SWOT analysis
  • Is your school making the grade? (survey the community to find out)
  • 5 Excuses why staff members don’t give good customer service
  • Tips for retention (staff & students)
  • The art of handling complaints
  • Identifying what & who are bad apples
  • Are teachers making the grade? (what students say the best teachers do)
  • Are Administrators making the grade? (what staff say the best admins do)